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Soul's Poetry & Spoken Word

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Since I was born I've been different/able to see spirits/able to see the difference "friends" become fiends and start to act different

Seen preachers speak falsely and get tossed across churches by the HOLY GHOST/seen little kids speak candid to bangers and make them put down their rags before they became the next funeral toast

Conversations at conferences sat at tables across from kings/watched the hardest in the room walk up and kiss the ring but NOT ME

I'm built differently I kiss no one's ring or feet/a whole other measure of seismograph a freaking beast

History is controlled by those who held the pen that wrote it/I'm just here to cut their hands off and pen a future for the future of us poets

Scribes and tribes on pilgrimages some call quests/spitting hazardous lyrics saying ALL THIS SHIT FROM OUR CHESTS!!!



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