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"The Origin of Fear" is a captivating documentary that delves deep into the intriguing psychology behind our fascination with fear and the thrill of being scared. Through expert interviews, immersive storytelling, and thought-provoking analysis, this film unravels the evolutionary, cultural, and psychological roots that compel us to seek out spine-chilling experiences. From ancient survival instincts to modern-day entertainment, join us on a gripping journey to uncover why fear has become an integral part of the human experience. Explore the mysteries of adrenaline, the allure of the unknown, and the complex emotions that make fear a universal phenomenon. Get ready for a spine-tingling exploration of the human psyche in "The Origin of Fear."

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"Will I Finish My Sentence" is a gripping documentary that delves into the harsh reality of violence within prison walls. Through powerful storytelling and raw interviews, this film exposes the challenges faced by inmates, shedding light on the urgent need for reform within the penal system. Explore the lives of those ensnared in a cycle of brutality, and witness their quest for redemption and a chance at a second chance. This documentary serves as a stark reminder of the pressing issues within our correctional system, sparking crucial conversations about rehabilitation and justice.

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"Exposing The Truth: Dr. Sebi's Battle Against Big Pharma" is a compelling documentary that unravels the extraordinary life and work of Dr. Sebi, a visionary healer and herbalist. Delving into his groundbreaking approach to holistic health and natural remedies, the film sheds light on his relentless pursuit to challenge the dominance of pharmaceutical giants. Through interviews, archival footage, and in-depth research, this documentary reveals the untold story of Dr. Sebi's courageous fight for alternative medicine and his mission to empower individuals to take control of their own well-being. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering the legacy of a true healthcare revolutionary.

What's up my N A Deeper Look.png

This is a #jonahsanders documentary in which he presents the origins of the terminology of the N-word. Backed by historical content this piece of work was made to educate and rally people to stop using the word.






I Am Your Prophet.png

Prophet Muhammad is considered one of the most influential people in history and many people don’t truly know who he is. There are many written documentaries on his life yet there has been a lack of video documentaries on his life therefore I have compiled this short one in his honor.




I Got Alot To Say.png

The world over has heard of Malcolm X yet many people have never heard one of his speeches or commentary. With that in mind I have compiled a few of his speeches and commentary so that you get the chance to feel his wisdom. So without delay I take you to the man... Malcolm x

Trust The Serpent.jpg

The history of pharmaceutical companies is vast and enlightening yet there are some dark secrets that many people fail to know. In this documentary, you will learn the truth about pharmaceutical companies, the good and the bad. A Jonah Sanders Documentary

The Psychology of Homosexuality.png

This documentary could have been called even the history of psychology in homosexuality or just sexuality yet this short documentary goes over some of the pressing psychological discussions relating to homosexuals.

Blerd I Am.jpeg

This documentary highlights viewpoints on what it is to being a Blerd. It's a question that many people ask. Is it a Black Gamer? Black Comic Lover? Black Nerd? It's all a matter of perception and in this small documentary the world will get to understand what it is to be a Blerd. Featuring Souls InkPen ( Not Souls Ink) Jeff K. McKenzie Lorraine Jones Ariel Nash Jack Sharpe Jr







Words Can’t Explain.png

This short documentary is a preservation of some of black history in which those who wish to cancel cultural studies doesn’t want you to see. These things happened and they should always be acknowledged as crimes against black people in America.

They Are Human.jpg

This short documentary exposes the unlivable conditions that Alabama Prisoner’s face on a daily basis. We briefly review lawsuits that are pending as well as the need for reform. This is a visual eye opener calling all people to stand with these men and women.








This documentary was made for the youth who is fascinated with the street life; the youth who doesn't care about anything or anyone. Not like Scared Straight which is proven didn't work this documentary is made to show the true reality of where a at risk youth will be heading and how it really is behind bars.

The Destructive Path.jpeg

In "The Destructive Path," we delve deep into the heart of urban communities, shedding light on the alarming rise of street gangs and the devastating impact they have on society. This powerful documentary uncovers the roots of this subculture, exploring the complex factors that lead individuals down this destructive path. Through intimate interviews, first-hand accounts, and expert analysis, we paint a vivid portrait of the lives affected by gang violence.

From impoverished neighborhoods to bustling cities, we witness the far-reaching consequences of this phenomenon, as families, schools, and local businesses grapple with the repercussions of gang activity. Through gripping storytelling and meticulous research, we unveil the intricate web of social, economic, and systemic challenges that contribute to the perpetuation of gang culture.

"The Destructive Path" challenges us to confront the uncomfortable truths surrounding this pervasive issue. It calls for a collective effort to address the underlying causes and implement proactive solutions. By illuminating the stories of those affected and amplifying the voices of community leaders, this documentary serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring us to forge a safer, more inclusive future for our neighborhoods.

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